North Carolina Ports

E-Cargo Tools

The North Carolina State Ports Authority's web-based e-Cargo Tools provide real-time access to business and customer information on the web.

The Port of Wilmington's VoyagerTrack Terminal Operating System went into operation in August 2007. VoyagerTrack replaced the previous e-Cargo Tools Container Tracking System for container transactions at the Port of Wilmington and the Charlotte Inland Terminal.

The VoyagerTrack system can be accessed at The home page contains important information about the system, and gate instructions for truck drivers. 

VoyagerTrack includes many tools for Port customers, trucking companies, and other users. Users must be registered to log in to VoyagerTrack. Request an account here.

The Service Provider Directory helps you find and contact businesses and organizations who can help make doing business with North Carolina's Ports more effective, efficient or profitable, and also includes contact information for the management and staff of the Ports.

The Sailing Schedules reflect changes as soon as they are entered into our system. You can see schedules for the Port of Morehead City or the Port of Wilmington, or a consolidated schedule.

For more information about how the North Carolina State Ports at Wilmington and Morehead City can help your business compete in the global marketplace, contact the Business Development customer service specialists by using the Business Information Request Form.

U.S. Customs FIRMS codes are required to use the Facilities Information and Resources Management System to transmit information directly to Customs. They're required on import paperwork, inbond transit orders, and other Customs documents. For example, the FIRMS code for the Wilmington Container Terminal is L194. Click on the logo at left to search for FIRMS codes, including North Carolina Ports facilities and others.

Incoterms make international trade easier and help traders in different countries to understand one another. These standard trade definitions that are most commonly used in international contracts are produced, owned and copyrighted by the International Chamber of Commerce. Click here to order Incoterms from the ICC website.