North Carolina Ports

Ports 101

Ports 101

Our Ports:

Morehead City and Wilmington

Our Inland Terminals:

Charlotte and Greensboro

Types of cargo:

Bulk cargo is cargo that flows, or fits the shape of its container, such as dry cement or fertilizer. It can be dry bulk or liquid bulk. Bulk cargo is handled at both Ports, Morehead City and Wilmington.

Breakbulk cargo is cargo that is bundled, palletized, in bales or crates, or otherwise unitized, such as coil steel, paper products or lumber. It is handled using forklifts and other specialized lift equipment. Break bulk cargo is handled at both Ports, Morehead City and Wilmington.

Containers are boxes that cargo is loaded into at the point of origin. The containers are moved from there by truck or rail to a port, onto a ship, across the ocean, off the ship at a port, then on to the shipper's facilities again by truck or rail, all without ever being unloaded. Containers are handled at the Port of Wilmington.

Educational Opportunities:

We welcome visits from school groups. For information, contact Cliff Pyron in the Communications department.

More information about the maritime industry is available on the website of the American Association of Ports Authorities (AAPA). The AAPA glossary is especially helpful in understanding terms you see on our website.