North Carolina Ports

Cargo Handling

The Port of Wilmington includes four post-Panamax container cranes, powerful container-handling equipment, managed by a new terminal operating system to provide maximum information to shippers at any time. Wilmington offers excellent general cargo facilities as well. To learn more about our harbor features, tides and climate, please see below.

Harbor Features (US Army Corps of Engineers Project Dimensions)

  • Ocean bar channel depth of 44 ft. M.L.L.W. and width of 500 ft.
  • Inside harbor channel depth of 42 ft. M.L.L.W. and width of 500 ft. 
  • Anchorage/turning basin depth of 42 ft. M.L.L.W. and diameter of 1,200 ft. 
  • Depth of 38 ft. M.L.L.W. at berths 1 and 2; 42 ft. M.L.L.W. at berths 3 through 9 
  • Minimum air draft in channel of 164 ft.

Tides & Climate

  • Mean tide range 3.8 ft.
  • Current velocities 2 to 3 knots 
  • Mild temperatures year round with rare snow accumulation